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Haunted by the death of his mother, crime scene investigator Barry Allen becomes a brilliant but tardy crime-scene investigator. But when a STAR labs experiment causes a massive explosion, Barry goes into a 6-month coma and awakens with a superhuman ability to run fast. The Flash is a spin-off of Arrow, another superhero series currently airing on the CW. Both shows are filmed in Vancouver and characters will frequently crossover to appear on both shows.

Season 1 Episode List:

#:Title: Description: Original Airdate:
101PilotAfter being struck by lightning, Crime Scene Investigator wakes up from a 6 month coma to discover he has a superhuman ability to run fast; Meanwhile, Barry's surrogate father Detective West investigates a string of mysterious crimes that seem connected to man he saw die months ago. The genius scientist (Tom Cavanaugh) who caused the STAR labs explosion takes Barry Allen under his wing to help him understand his abilities. October 7th, 2014
102Fastest Man AliveBarry Allen tries stopping minor crimes, but discovers that his new ability comes at a cost to his body: hypoglycemia; Meanwhile, a series of crimes that seem to be perpetrated by a group of criminals turn out to be one man with the ability to replicate himself. October 14th, 2014
103Things You Can't OutrunWhen a group of mob bosses are murdered, Barry suspects that it may be a meta-human with the ability to control gases; Dr. Wells comes up with an idea to imprison meta-humans in the basement of STAR labs; The basement brings up traumatic memories for Dr. Snow, who lost her fiancee the night of the accident. October 21st, 2014
104Going RogueWhile stopping a jewellery heist, Barry identifies the thief as Leonard Snart, a meticulous criminal who stops at nothing to get what he wants; Felicity Smoak arrives in Central City to visit with Barry, and Iris senses a romantic connection between them; Cisco confesses that he developed a cryo-gun to incapacitate the Flash...and it's just been stolen. October 28th, 2014
105Plastique After a bomb goes off downtown, Gen. Eiling (played by Clancy Brown) takes over from the police investigation; Joe is suspicious of their real intentions; Iris refuses to stop writing about "the Streak". November 11th, 2014
106The Flash is BornIris' blog about the Flash gets her into trouble: Joe seeks Dr. Wells' assistance in investigating the murder of Barry's mother; Cisco develops a plan to take down Tony; a meta-human has the ability to turn himself into steel. November 18th, 2014
107Power OutageA new meta-human is electrocuting people and causing massive power outages. The man (Farooq Gibran) is able to absorb the Flash's super-speed...leaving Bart powerless. Meanwhile, Dr. Wells' newspaper from the future no longer mentions the Flash in any form. November 25th, 2014
108Flash vs. ArrowA bank robber/meta-human can impair people's executive functions and make them act out or anger. When the Flash confronts him, he thinks that he's immune, but begins acting strangely afterwards. Dr. Well and Joe has reservations about Bart working with Oliver Queen. December 2nd, 2014
109The Man in the Yellow SuitThe meta-human that killed Bart's mother returns and kills two guards at Mercury Labs. The Flash chases after him, where the man in the yellow suit says that he and the Flash know each other; Ronnie (Caitlin's fiancee) is revealed to be alive, but has no knowledge of who he was; Bart confesses his love to Iris; The police set a trap for the man in the yellow suit.December 9th, 2014
110Revenge of the RoguesCaptain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and a new partner named Heat Wave return to Central City to exact revenge on the Flash. Barry is worried about taking on the two villains by himself, considering how many casualties the last confrontation had. The Flash asks for help in his training efforts to prepare himself to fight the Reverse Flash. January 20th, 2015
111The Sound and the FuryA revenge-seeking former protege of Dr. Wells returns...except that now he can manipulate sound waves; Joe asks Eddie for a favor. January 27th, 2015
112Crazy For YouThe imprisoned Pied Piper teases Cisco with information about Ronnie (Firestorm); Caitlin and Barry go to a Karaoke Bar to get over their past relationships;February 3rd, 2015
113Nuclear ManBarry and the team learn that Ronnie has attacked a physicist. They try to find him by learning more about Dr. Stein, whom worked with Ronnie on a project called FIRESTORM. Joe enlists the help of Cisco in the murder of Barry's mother. February 10th, 2015
114FalloutRonnie and Dr. Stein have been successfully separated. But before they can restart their lives, General Eiling goes after everyone involved in Firestorm, they realize that they may be safer together. Iris gets tipped off about suspicious activities at S.T.A.R. labs;February 17th, 2015
115Out of TimeA weather-controlling meta-human seeks revenge on Joe for the death of his brother. March 17th, 2015
116Rogue TimeLeonard Snart returns, along with his sister Heat Wave, to take revenge on the Flash.March 24th, 2015
117TrickstersA new villain calling himself the Trickster is plotting elaborate explosives all over the city, prompting Barry and Joe to track down the original Trickster, James Jesse (Mark Hamill). The young Trickster ends up breaking the old Trickster out of jail, and they attempt to rob the richest people in Central City as father and son. They also kidnap Barry's dad as a hostage; When the Flash tries to stop them, the Tricksters attach an explosive device that will explode if the Flash stops running. Seeking out help, Harrison Wells tells Barry about tapping into the 'speedforce'. The way Wells talks about it, Barry realizes that Wells must be the yellow Flash. Barry and Joe decide to tell Eddie about his identity so that they can keep it from Iris. March 31st, 2015
118All-Star Team-UpFelicity and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) come to Central City seeking help with the Atom's suit. A meta-human unleashes deadly robot bees on the city. April 14th, 2015
119Who is Harrison Wells? Joe and Cisco need help with their Harrison Wells investigation, so they go to Starling City and ask Detective Lance for help; Barry takes on a foe that can transform himself into anyone he touches. April 21st, 2015
120The TrapWhile in the newly-discovered secret room, Barry learns that all about his future and the battle between him and the Reverse Flash; Barry hatches a plan to record Wells confessing to the murder of Barry's mother; Flashbacks reveal Wells offering Joe help treating Barry after he is struck by lightning; April 28th, 2015
121Grodd LivesWhile searching for Eddie, Barry has to stop a gold heist; He discovers that the thief is General Eiling, working under mind control from Grodd; Grodd is getting bigger, faster, and smarter than ever; Wells works on a device to return to his own time. May 5th, 2015
122Rogue AirRealizing that S.T.A.R. labs is no longer a safe place to store metahumans, Barry and the team enlist Leonard Snart to help transport them to the island of Lian Yu, but Snart has motivations of his own. Wells returns to S.T.A.R. labs to find the Flash, Arrow and Firestorm all waiting for him. May 12th, 2015
123Fast EnoughWells proposes that Barry use his powers to create a time portal to send Wells (the Reverse Flash) back to his own timeline; Barry ends up back at the moment where the Reverse Flash kills his mother. May 19th, 2015

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Season 2 Episode List:

#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
201"The Man Who Saved Central City"October 6th, 2015
202"Flash of Two Worlds"
203"Family of Rogues"

Early Reviews for the Flash:

The early reviews for the series have been mostly favorable. Most critics praise the lighter, fun tone of the series as compared to Arrow, which has a much darker tone:
From Entertainment Weekly:

It vibrates with big-picture vision and has smart fun with its premise.

From Huffington Post:

“Its sprightly first hour is one of the most solidly entertaining pilots of the fall season, and it did the most important thing that first episodes must do: It made me eager to see what comes next.”


Series Creators: Greg Berlanti (Creator of the TV Series), Geoff Johns, and Andrew Kreisberg
Starring: Grant Gustin (Barry Allen), Candice Patton (Iris West), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), Tom Cavanaugh (Dr. Harrison Wells);
First Aired: Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Final Airdate: The show is currently still airing.
Network:The CW


  • Barry Allen’s father is played by John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen in the 1990’s TV series. Don’t believe me? Check out the IMDB page. The early-1990’s hair is worth buying the DVD in and of itself…
  • In the comic books Iris West’s nephew is Wally West, who suffers the same accident and becomes a Flash as well. In the “New 52” (a recent reboot), Wally West is mixed race. It appears as if the show’s creators will use the new version of Wally West in the TV series.
  • In the pilot a smashed cage can be seen with the name “Grodd”. In the comics Grodd is a super-intelligent ape (the intelligence is the result of genetic experiments).
  • Caitlin Snow’s fiancee is played by Robbie Amell, the cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell. Although thought to be killed in the same Collider explosion that gave the Flash and other meta-humans their powers, Robbie will come back as Firestorm.
  • The Flash premiered to 4.8 million viewers, which makes it the highest rated debut show for the CW since the Vampire Diaries in 2009.


Season 1 Extended Trailer:

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