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Ex-soldier James Gordon joins the Gotham P.D. to clean up the streets of Gotham City. He’s paired with world-weary Detective Harvey Bullock, and together they investigate the crimes of the Gotham underworld that seems to be on the verge of a breaking point.

Season 1 Episode List:

#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
101PilotDetective Harvey Bullock and Detective James Gordon investigate the shooting death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Their investigation leads to a potential framing job done by local crime-lord Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith). Oswald Cobblepot has designs on replacing Fish Mooney as a gang boss; A young Selina Kyle is a witness to the shooting of Bruce Wayne's parents; Major Crimes tries to take the Wayne murder case off of Gordon's hands; Gordon learns just how corrupt the Police department really is.September 22nd, 2014
102Selina KyleGordon and Bullock investigate a child kidnapping ring that involves a young Selina Kyle. The Penguin returns to Gotham, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.September 29th, 2014
103The BalloonmanGordon and Bullock investigate a killer who kills corrupt people using weather balloons. Oswald returns to Gotham and seeks a new patron. October 6, 2014
104ArkhamThe Arkham City Council is preparing a controversial vote that makes them all deadly targets. Gordon and Bullock race to protect them. Meanwhile, Gordon has a visitor from his past. October 13, 2014
105ViperGordon investigates a lethal new street drug. Oswald Cobblepot entrenches himself deeper in Maroni's inner circle; Fish Mooney hatches a new plot against Falcon.October 20, 2014
106Spirit of the GoatA killer is targeting the first-born of Gotham's elite. When Gordon and Bullock investigate the case, Bullock experiences traumatic memories of a similar case from long ago.October 27th, 2014
107Penguin's UmbrellaGordon can't hide from the consequences of sparing Oswald Cobblepot's life; The gang war between Maroni and Falcone reaches a boiling point.November 03, 2014
108The MaskBullock and Gordon investigate an underground fight club where the winners earn jobs at a prestigious financial firm. November 10th, 2014
109Harvey DentAssistant District Attorney Harvey Dent learns that there's a witness to the Wayne murders and tries to use it to lean on the man he thinks is responsible. Oswald learns who Fish Mooney's mole in Falcone's organization.November 17th, 2014
110LovecraftDangerous assassins are after Selina Kyle; She and a new friend go on a journey through Gotham's underbelly in order to survive; Gordon is reassigned to Arkham.November 24th, 2014
111Rogue's GalleryGordon's new assignment at Arkham Asylum starts terribly as a guard is murdered. Oswald Cobblepot begins to build his army. January 5th, 2015
112What the Little Bird Told HimGordon sets up a task force to hunt down the escaped Arkham prisoner; Falcone struggles to hold onto his empire after Fish Mooney's big move.January 19th, 2015
113Welcome Back, Jim GordonWhen a valuable homicide witness held for questioning ends up murdered, Jim Gordon suspects dirty cops; Cobblepot finds some creative ways of torturing the powerless Fish Mooney. January 26th, 2015
114The Fearsome Doctor CraneAfter getting a tip from Fish Mooney, Maroni takes Cobblepot on a mission to test his loyalty. Bruce Wayne scolds Gordon for not investigating Bruce's parent's murder; Gordon and Bullock investigate a new killer who preys on people's phobias. February 2nd, 2015
115The ScarecrowFalcone attempts to change Maroni's plans for Cobblepot; Mooney continues her plot to gain power, despite finding herself in a new and strange setting; Gordon and Bullock investigate a Biology teacher named Gerald Crane who has been harvesting the adrenal glands of homicide victims. February 9th, 2015
116The Blind Fortune TellerBruce Wayne calls a board meeting to express his concerns about the direction of Wayne Enterprises; Gordon and Leslie head to circus for a pleasant night out, but all hell breaks loose when the circus is attacked; Penguin's new club is struggling, so Falcon enlists Butch Gilzean for help. February 16th, 2015
117Red HoodA gang of serial bank robbers named the Red Hood gang has made their new home in Gotham; Selina Kyle bonds with Barbara at her apartment; Fish Mooney attempts to reclaim her position in the criminal underworld. February 23rd, 2015
118Everyone Has a CobblepotAlfred refuses to implicate Payne, even while lying in the hospital in pain; Gordon finds out that Commissioner Loeb has dropped all charges against Arnold Flass, and that Loeb has dirt on everyone in the police department; Gordon learns that Loeb is working with Falcone, and that Loeb has a very personal secret of his own; Gordon makes a deal with the devil, asking Oswald Cobblepot for help in digging up information on the Loeb-Falcone connection; Gordon gets what he wants, but he may have damned himself. March 2nd, 2015
119Beasts of PreyGordon and Bullock pull up a cold case that no one in the department will touch; It involves a serial killer that will kill women close to you if he learns you're pursuing him. Bruce and Selina track down Reggie and confront him. He reveals who he was working for the whole time; Fish plots her escape; April 13th, 2015
120Under the KnifeThe Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia) targets a woman who is very close to Gordon; Needing to expose corruption at Wayne Enterprises, Bruce and Selina work together; Nygma defends Kristin Kringle. April 20th, 2015
121The Anvil or the HammerBarbara realizes that she's trapped by The Ogre; He wants her to choose his next victims for him; Bruce sneaks into Bunderslaw's office to break into his safe; Bruce meets Lucius Fox for the first time; April 27th, 2015
122All Happy Families Are AlikeThe mob war between Falcone and Maroni leaves one of them vulnerable; Fish Mooney returns with a vengeance...and a new army; Barbara undergoes counselling by Leslie; Bruce discovers a secret passage in Wayne Manor that his father used; May 4th, 2015

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The entire first season is now available for download on iTunes. Gotham will also air on U.S. Netflix after the season is completed.

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Season 2 Episode List:

#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
201"Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do..."Young Bruce Wayne explores the secrets of his father's Mansion; Against his better judgment, Detective Gordon asks the Penguin for assistance. September 21, 2015
202"Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock"Newly reinstated Detective Gordon pursues the inmate escape from Arkham Asylum; Bruce turns to Lucius to help in understanding his father. September 28th, 2015

Gotham: Pilot Reviews

The entire first episode of Gotham (simply titled “Pilot) was screened for fans at San Diego Comic-con. These are excerpts of some advance reviews for the show. Keep in mind that these are only reviews for the Pilot.

From IGN:

Gotham does work when it spins in the opposite direction and strays from what we’ve become too familiar with.

From Screenrant:

“But one thing is clear: trying to blend the heightened reality of Tim Burton’s Gotham City with a serious story, serious themes, and serious detectives is a risk. Gotham has the chance to find a balance, but the first episode is already showing that it’s a difficult line to walk.”


  • Series creator Bruno Heller has confirmed that the Joker is part of the long term plans for the show, but that the TV series will take a “slow burn” approach to his reveal. It was previously reported that there would be a potential Joker-candidate in every episode of Gotham, but Heller has since discredited that rumor.
  • Despite DC owning both the Green Arrow and Batman characters, don’t expect any crossover between the shows. They are on different networks (Arrow is on CW, and Gotham is on Fox).
  • Heller also says that the entirety of season 1 has already been plotted out, and that the show will be serialized.
  • Gotham is filmed on location in the “Real Gotham City”: New York City.
  • In January, Morena Baccarin(Firefly, Homeland) has joined the cast of Gotham in the pivotal role of Dr. Leslie Thompkins. In the comic books, Thompkins is a doctor that helped run the Wayne family’s homeless shelters and is a dear friend of Bruce Wayne’s.


Creator: Bruno Heller (Creator of the TV Series), Bob Kane (original creator of the comic book character)
Starring: Ben McKenzie (James Gordon), Donal Logue (Detective Harvey Bullock), Sean Pertwee (Alfred), Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney);
First Aired: Monday, September 22nd, 2014
Final Airdate: The show is currently still airing.


Season 1 Extended Trailer:

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