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#:Name:Description:Watch Instantly:  
1"Pilot"After a terminal lung cancer diagnosis, chemistry teacher Walter White starts cooking meth to pay for his cancer treatments.
2. "Cat's in the Bag..."Walter and Jesse try to clean up loose ends, including one still-alive drug dealer.
3. "...And the Bag's in the River."Walt bonds with an imprisoned drug dealer whom he may have to kill.
4. "Cancer Man"Hank suspects that there's new 'players in town'; Hank visits an oncologist; Jesse hides out at his parents' house.
5. "Gray Matter"At a birthday party for an ex-coworker, Walt gets an irresistible offer. Jesse and Badger head out in the RV to cook Meth.
6. "Crazy Handful of Nothin"Walt may have to step out of his 'silent partner' arrangement after Jesse is injured. Hank discovers drug-making equipment that originated from Walt's school.
7."A No Rough-Stuff Type Deal"Walt makes a dangerous deal with Tuco.