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homeland episode guide

Homeland Episode Guide


When Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) is rescued in Afghanistan, America celebrates the return of a war hero. CIA agent Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes), working on a hunch, believes that he may be a sleeper agent sent by Al Qaeda. Carrie secretly sets up surveillance in Brody’s home and watches him as he re-adjusts to life outside of captivity. Carrie has also been diagnosed as being bi-polar, a condition she hides from her bosses at the CIA. Are her instincts about Brody accurate? Or are her suspicions brought on by her illness?

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Season 1 Episode List:

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#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
101PilotCIA agent Carrie Mathesonreceives intel that an American has been turned into a sleeper agent. Months later, Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody is rescued in Afghanistan. While the world celebrates the return of a war hero, Carrie sets up surveillance to follow up on her hunch.October 2nd, 2011
102GraceCarrie's surveillance has one blind spot: Brody's garage; Carrie finds out that Al-Qaeda's leader Abu Nazir, has been meeting with the Royal Prince of Saudi Arabia. October 9th, 2011
103Clean SkinAn escort named Lynn gives Carrie evidence of a meeting between Abu Nazir and the Saudi Prince; Brody and his family have a TV crew interview them in their home. A young couple purchase a new home...right next to the airport. October 16th, 2011
104Semper IAs Brody's celebrity status grows, Elizabeth Gaines considers recruiting Brody for a run in public office; Brody's increasingly erratic behavior is endangering his image; Carrie's warrant to have surveillance on Brody is about to expire; Saul wants her to focus on the money trail instead. October 23rd, 2011
105Blind SpotThe sole surviving tormentor of Brody (Hamid) is brought into the CIA for questioning. Brody is summoned to help with the interrogation, but soon demands to come face to face with his tormentor; Carrie closes in on the young couple. October 30th, 2011
106The Good SoldierThe CIA orders polygraphs on everyone...including Brody; Brody attends a memorial service for his fellow prisoner Tom Walker; Saul identifies the young couple, who discover that Al-Qaeda is trying to kill them as well; Brody and Carrie have a drink and flirt; November 6th, 2011
107The WeekendCarrie and Brody head to Carrie's cabin for a weekend; Saul catches Aileen, after her husband is killed.November 13th, 2011
108Achilles HeelSaul and Carrie learn that Tom Walker is alive, and in America; They interrogate Brody, who still insists that he's dead; Carrie uses Tom Walker's wife to find his location; Brody sends a message to Abu Nazir. November 20th, 2011
109CrossfireThe pursuit of Walker results in the shooting-up of a Mosque, with disastrous PR consequences for the CIA; Brody is kidnapped and has a video conversation with Abu Nazir; Brody re-experiences a traumatic event that happened 3 years earlier. November 27th, 2011
110Representative BrodyVice President Walden asks Brody to run for office, but Jessica has reservations; Carrie tracks a diplomat who has been in contact with Tom Walker.December 4th, 2011
112The VestThe explosion causes Carrie to fall into a manic state; Brody takes the family on a trip to Gettysburg, where he also picks up a bomb vest. December 11th, 2011
113Marine OneSaul investigates the timeline Carrie created in her manic state; Carrie tries to get word out about Brody as he arrives to blow up the Vice President. December 18th, 2011

Metacritic Score for Season 1: 91


IGN Rating for Season 1: 8.5/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 4.6/5


Season 2 Episode List:


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#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
201The SmileCarrie, now in a teaching career, is called back to the field when one of her assets claims she has info related to an impending attack on America; Brody, now a Congressman, gets an offer of a lifetime from the Vice President.September 30th, 2012
202Beirut is BackCarrie and the CIA discover the whereabouts of Abu Nazir; Brody tries to keep his army buddies from inquiring into Walker's mysterious death.October 7th, 2012
203State of IndependenceSaul tries to smuggle a valuable video home from Beirut; Brody is instructed (by Nazir operatives) to take the Tailor to a safehouse; Carrie's big return to the CIA doesn't go as expected.October 14th, 2012
204New Car SmellThe CIA sets up secret surveillance program on Brody; The CIA tries to use Carrie to make Brody paranoid; Lauder drunkenly invades the Brody's house seeking answers.October 21st, 2012
205Q&ABrody is taken to an interrogation room and confronted with irrefutable evidence; Finn and Dana go out on a date.October 28th, 2012
206A Gettysburg AddressA CIA forensics' team moves into the Tailor shop; Brody tries to discover who Roya is meeting with; Make and Lauder start investigating Walker's death.November 4th, 2012
207The ClearingDana and Finn debate whether to tell people about the hit and run; Saul visits Aileen in prison to see if she can identify their suspect.November 11th, 2012
208I'll Fly AwayBrody starts breaking down under the pressure of being a double agent; Dana visits the daughter of the woman killed by Finn's car.November 18th, 2012
209Two HatsSaul looks into his new 'analyst', Quinn. The CIA moves Brody's family into a safehouse.November 25th, 2012
210Broken HeartsCarrie is in a car accident and is now missing; Brody is instructed by Nazir to get close to the Vice President.December 2nd, 2012
211In MemoriamCarrie and Quinn frantically search for Abu Nazir inside the Mill; Saul is held for interrogation.December 9th, 2012
212The Choice Carrie and Brody spend a night at their cabin; Estes orders Quinn to kill Brody; The CIA holds a memorial service with unexpected results.December 16th, 2012

Metacritic Score for Season 2: 96


IGN Rating for Season 2: 9.0/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 4.5/5


Season 3 Episode List:

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#:Title: Description: Original Airdate:
301Tin Man is DownCarrie testifies before Congress regarding the Langley Bombing; Dana is released from hospital after a suicide attempt; Carrie goes off her meds.September 29th, 2013
302Uh...Oh...Ah...Carrie tries to tell a reporter her side of the story, but is taken to a psychiatric hospital; Dana runs away to see her new boyfriend; Saul brings in a new analyst to look into transaction records.October 6ht, 2013
303Tower of DavidBrody, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, is taken to a skyscraper slum in Caracas; A group of mercenaries hold him there, and give him heroin for his pain; Brody discovers that he may never leave this place.October 13th, 2013
304Game OnDana and Leo go on the run together (in Jessica's car); Carrie has a competency hearing that goes disastrously wrong; Fara finds a money trail that may give Saul leverage on the Iranians.October 20th, 2013
305The Yoga PlaySaul believes that a high ranking Iranian terrorist, Javadi, is headed to the U.S.; Carrie risks everything to help Jessica find Dana; Saul finds out some disturbing news about his job as CIA Director.October 27th, 2013
306Still PositiveCarrie lays it out for Javadi; Dana changes her last name to her mother's maiden name; A planned meeting with Javadi and Saul takes an unexpected turn.November 3rd, 2013
307GerontionSaul reveals to Javadi his big plan for him; Quinn is captured on camera at a murder scene; Carrie tries to get the investigation swept under the rug.November 10th, 2013
308A Red WheelbarrowUsing Javadi's intel, Carrie and the CIA try to flush out the Langley bombers; Saul goes on a trip;November 17th, 2013
309One Last ThingBrody goes through agonizing heroin withdrawal at CIA Headquarters; Saul gives Brody a mission; Saul finds some damning evidence on Lockhart.November 24th, 2013
310Good NightBrody is brought to the Iraq-Iran border, but crossing into Iraq proves difficult; Brody goes against orders.December 1st, 2013
311Big Man in TehranBrody is grilled by Javadi in order to prepare him for a meeting with Akbari; The CIA, believing Brody has gone rogue, move to take him out; Carrie tries to warn him.December 8th, 2013
312The StarBrody tries to escape detection and meet up with Carrie. Saul's time as CIA Director is closing.December 15th, 2013

Metacritic Score for Season 3: 77


IGN Rating for Season 3: 8.4/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 3.3/5



  • President Obama has publicly stated his love for the show.
  • To prepare for her role as a CIA agent living with a bi-polar diagnosis, Claire Danes researched several videos of patients who are bi-polar. She also met with CIA officers.
  • Homeland is adapted from an Israeli series called “Hatufim“. The show centered on the struggle many Israeli soldiers face when trying re-integrate to society after spending years in prison.
  • Laura Fraser (Lydia from ‘Breaking Bad‘) was originally cast as Jessica in the pilot, but was later replaced with Morena Baccarin.


Creators: Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa
Starring: Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin, Mandy Patinkin, Morgan Saylor
First Aired: October 2nd, 2011
Final Airdate: Currently Airing
Network: Showtime



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