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seaquest episode guide

Seaquest Episode Guide: Both ‘DSV’ and ‘2032’ Seasons

Premise: It’s 2018 and people have learned to live and work underwater in Earth’s vast oceans. But who will keep order in these international territories? The UEO (United Earth Oceans) creates a powerful submarine, ‘Seaquest’, to patrol the world’s oceans on both a scientific and military mission. Captained by Nathan Bridger, an ex-navy oceanographer who commands respect from both world. (Oh, and he has a talking dolphin named Darwin, who is truly the star of the show!)

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Season 1 Episode List:

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Netflix DVD
#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
101To Be Or Not To BeThe UEO (United Earth Oceans) wants recently retired Nathan Bridger to command their new flagship vessel 'Seaquest', a hybrid science/military submarine that Bridger designed. September 12, 1993
102The Nathan Bridger IncidentIn the second half of the pilot, Nathan takes temporary command to deal with Marilyn Stark, the previous commander of Seaquest; Stark has sabotaged Seaquest and wants to destroy the vessel. September 12, 1993
103The Devil's WindowSeaquest discovers hydrothermal vents that host life forms never before discovered. When Darwin becomes deathly ill, Bridger must decide between the mission's benefits and the life of his beloved dolphin. September 19, 1993
104Treasure of the MindSeaquest discovers a perfectly preserved Library of Alexandria; But when competing nations cannot agree on what to do with these priceless artifacts, Bridger must act to prevent the destruction of the library itself. September 26, 1993
105GamesBridger and his crew rescue a warden and his prisoner: a mass murderer named Dr. Rubin Zellar; He's hidden a deadly toxin in ice, somewhere on the ship. The crew must scramble to find it before the ice melts. October 3, 1993
106Treasures of the Tonga TrenchKrieg brings back bio-luminescent crystals that may make everyone rich; Rumors of sea monsters are ignored...until one attacks Seaquest. October 9th, 1993
107Brothers and SistersSeaquest discovers a group of children living in a facility that's on the brink of collapse. Lucas develops feelings for one of the girls. October 17th, 1993
108Give Me LiberteThe crew comes down with a deadly virus contracted from a downed space station; Bridger finds that the government is more interested in keeping their secrets than in saving lives. October 24th, 2013
109Knight of the ShadowsThe crew enter an ancient sunken ship to discover why it went down. But the crew find themselves surrounded by strange, supernatural forces. October 31st, 2013
110Bad WaterA french vessel is stuck in a fresh water sinkhole; The rescue team, faced with a hurricane, are forced to surface and try to survive the storm in a raft. November 7th, 2013
111The RegulatorDarwin disappears; an air conditioning malfunction forces Krieger to delve into the black market to save Seaquest; November 21st, 2013
112seaWestSeaquest answers a distress call from an underwater gold mining find that the family is being held hostage. November 28th, 2013
113Photon BulletLucas visits his hacker friends, who convince him to break into the world bank for humanitarian reasons. December 19th, 1993
114Better than MartiansSeaquest goes to rescue astronauts from a manned Mars mission...but finds that a sinister organization also want the astronauts. January 2nd, 1994
115Nothing but the TruthDuring a skeleton crew exercise, a team of Commandos take over the ship. January 9th, 1994
116Greed for a Pirate's DreamSeaquest tries to convince a group of treasure seekers that their island is about to be destroyed by a volcanic eruption. The treasure hunters think that the UEO has designs on the treasure. January 16th, 1994
117Whale SongThe UEO sends Bridger after a renegage who is sinking whaling vessels (which are illegal in this time); Bridger refuses on moral grounds and resigns as Captain; Krieger tries to get his hands on red meat: an illegal substance. February 6th, 2013
118The StingerSeaquest enters a competition to create a speedy single seat submersible. However, Lucas is fired upon and the Stinger is stolen. February 20th, 1994
119Hide and SeekA Serbo-Croat dictator (played by William Shatner) takes Drs. Westphalen in order to use Seaquest's advanced technology to help his autistic son. February 27th, 1994
120The Last Lap at LuxuryLucas and a group of UEO leaders are taken hostage at a very high profile conference. March 20th, 1994
121AbalonCommander Ford accidentally discovers a colony where genetically engineered people have the ability to breathe underwater (Charlton Heston guest stars).May 1st, 1994
122Such Great PatienceFirst contact is here: Seaquest discovers a million year old alien space ship. Darwin may be the only being capable of communicating the alien messages. May 8th, 1994
123The Good DeathSeaquest is tricked into torpedoing a sub full of child refugees; When the rescue attempt fails, Ford, Westphalen and company must take refuse with the brutal Amazonian Confederation. May 15th, 1994
124Higher PowerSeaquest is about to be retired, and an underwater power plant that can supply the world with free electricity is about to go online; But when the Earth's crust opens up under the power plant, the entire ocean (and life on Earth) is threatened; May 22nd, 1994

Metacritic Score for Season 1: 65


IGN Rating for Season 1 DVD: 5/10


Amazon Customer Rating (Season 1): 4.7/5


Season 2 Episode List:

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#:Title:Description: Original Airdate:
201Daggers (parts 1 &2)The new Seaquest's first run is interrupted when Genetically Engineered Life Forms (GELF's) take over an island colony. September 18th, 1994
202The Fear that FollowsAliens curious about the origins of life come aboard Seaquest, only to have paranoid Generals take them captive. September 25th, 1994
203Sympathy for the DeepBridger's ex-girlfriend pleas for help after her peaceful colony erupts in anarchic violence. October 2nd, 1994
204VaporsPiccolo's Dad asks for his help after his wife become addicted to age-reversing drugs. October 9th, 1994
205PlaytimeSeaquest accidentally travels 200 years into the future...where the human race is extinct except for some video game addicted teens. October 23rd, 1994
206The Sincerest Form of FlatteryAn armed sub escapes and aims missiles at New Cape Quest; Who's in charge? A computerized version of Nathan Bridger. November 13th, 1994
207By Any Other NameLt. Brody and a team investigate a horticulture colony with no human life; A flower brought on board begins to mutate. November 20th, 1994
208When We Dead AwakenA woman is awakened after a 22 year cryogenic sleep; Lt. Brody tries to help her after an assassin targets her; the woman has a connection to one of the crew members.November 27th, 1994
209Special DeliveryDagwood is given shore leave, and is then implicated in the murder of his creator. Dagwood has no memory of the event. December 11th, 1994
210Dead EndLucas, Brody's shuttle is pulled into a series of ancient caverns. December 18th, 1994
211Meltdown Extensive undersea farming and mining cause the ocean's temperature to rise in the South Atlantic...releasing a gigantic prehistoric Crocodile. January 8th, 1994
212LostlandCommander Ford discovers an ancient gold helmet that proves Atlantis did exist. When Bridger tries on the helmet, he is subject to an ancient curse and starts behaving erratically. January 15th, 1995
213And Everything NiceLucas is ready to resign his post after meeting a beautiful woman. However, she is then kidnapped by terrorists who wish to take control of Seaquest. January 22nd, 1995
214Dream WeaverA destructive alien hides in a comet that falls to Earth. The comet surrounds Seaquest and tries to destroy it. Only a blind astrophysicist (played by Mark Hamill) can help defeat the alien. February 19th, 1995
215AloneA powerful psychic being name Avatar is putting the world's leaders into comas. Wendy (also a telepath) puts her life at risk to stop him. February 26th, 1995
216WatergateSeaquest takes a pop star named Sarah Toenin to a USO show. Upon arriving they learn that the island is actually an ancient pyramid. An apparition of Neptune attack Seaquest believing the pop star to be Minerva. March 5th, 1995
217Something in the AirA group of researchers discover an ancient box. Turns out: it's Pandora's Box. The Box unleashes a demon on Seaquest. March 19th, 1995
218Dagger Redux The Marauder is a nuclear physicist hell-bent on destroying Seaquest. He springs an imprisoned Dagger who wants revenge on Bridger. April 2nd, 1995
219The Siamese DreamPicollo and Dagwood have powerful nightmares, which leads them to invite a powerful psychic onto Seaquest to help treat it. The psychic may have an ulterior motive of his own. April 30th, 1995
220BlindsidedPiccolo survives a plane crash only to be kidnapped by a ruthless Dictator who has been been doing some genetic engineering of his own. May 13th, 1995
221SplashdownSeaquest is transported to an alien planet to help them fight a civil war on their own planet. May 21st, 1995

Amazon Customer Rating (Season 2): 4.2/5


Season 3 Episode List:

#:Name:Description:Original Airdate:
301Brave New World10 years after Seaquest vanishes, it reappears, in a dark dangerous new world of dictatorships and confederations. Bridger retires. September 20th, 1995
302In the Company of Ice and ProfitHudson is ordered to destroy an iceberg directed towards Saudi Arabia. On the iceberg they find a group of refugees sworn to protect it. September 27th, 1995
303Smoke on the WaterSeaquest investigates the disappearance of UEO haulers from a remote area. October 11th, 1995
304Destination TerminalLucas oversees the maiden voyage of an undersea train. Commander Ford has a secret date on the train. Deon plans to blow it up. October 18th, 1995
305Chain of CommandWhen nuclear missiles are launched on a Micronesian outpost, Hudson must relieve the command of a former commanding officer with a thirst for nuclear war. November 1st, 1995
306SpinDriftHenderson is captured by Micronesian soldiers. Hudson leads a rescue mission. November 8th, 1995
307EquilibriumA pathogen released by Seaquest 10 years earlier is threatening sealife. Lucas develops an antidote, but Bridger arrives on scene to let it break down naturally. November 15th, 1995
308ResurrectionMax Scully returns after faking his own death. Hudson is ordered to escort Scully to a utopian colony. Scully may have ulterior motives for travelling there. December 6th, 1995
309Good SoldiersBridger gets Seaquest to retrieve information crystals related to atrocities committed 20 years later. December 20th, 1995
310Second ChanceA reactor core imbalance takes Seaquest back to the Cuban Missile Crisis; Seaquest must act to reset the timeline to the correct one. December 27th, 1995
311BrainlockUEO leaders debate extending the charter, but are subject to a number of assassinations. January 12,1996
312ReunionAt a penal colony, Henderson recognizes some prisoners, which causes a riot and hostages to be taken. January 29th, 1996
313Weapons of WarSeaquest enters a free zone between the UEO and Micronesia; A silent Asian power makes itself known with powerful firepower that ends one of the Seaquest crew's lives.June 9th, 1996


  • NBC would frequently air episodes out of order, which created many continuity problems: Roy Schneider grew a beard in the middle of Season 1, and it would appear and disappear between episodes. There was even a character who was killed in season 3, but would appear alive in a later episode with zero explanation.
  • Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg
  • When NBC ordered the series it payed $1 million per episode, much higher than other TV series of the time. Production delays due to computer generated special effects ballooned the budgets to $2 million per episode.
  • In the first season, Seaquest DSV would have segments teaching viewers about Earth’s oceans. The segments were hosted by Bob Ballard, who is considered the world’s foremost oceanographer. He also served as technical consultant on the series. The teaching segment was scrapped in Season 2 as the series focused more on Sci-fi/alien/supernatural story lines.
  • Production of the series moved from Los Angeles to Florida between seasons 1 and 2. This led to several cast departures, including Stacy Haiduk, John D’Aquino, and Stephanie Beacham.


Creator: Rockne S. O’Bannon
First Aired: September 12, 1993
Final Airdate: June 9th, 1996
Cast: Roy Schneider, Stephanie Beacham, Jonathan Brandis, Michael Ironside.

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