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Brooklyn Nine Nine Episode Guide

brooklyn nine nine episode guide

Brooklyn Nine Nine Episode Guide Premise: Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is a brilliant but immature police detective whose professional career gets turned upside down when Brooklyn’s 99th precinct gets a new Captain (Andre Braugher). Jake’s partner is Detective Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), a clumsy but loyal friend who has a crush on the notoriously grumpy Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie ... Read More »

Gotham Episode Guide

Gotham Episode Guide

Premise: Ex-soldier James Gordon joins the Gotham P.D. to clean up the streets of Gotham City. He’s paired with world-weary Detective Harvey Bullock, and together they investigate the crimes of the Gotham underworld that seems to be on the verge of a breaking point. Gotham Season 1 Episode List: Where to Watch: The entire first season is now available for ... Read More »

Arrow Episode Guide

Arrow Episode Guide

Arrow Episode Guide Premise: The series begins with the rescue of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), a billionaire playboy, from a desert island. Marooned on the hostile island, flashbacks reveal Oliver’s journey as he transforms from carefree playboy to highly-trained vigilante. Upon his return to Starling City, Oliver creates a secret identity to make right the wrongs caused by his wealthy ... Read More »

Vikings Episode Guide

vikings episode guide

Vikings Episode Guide Premise: Set at the beginning of the Viking Age around 793 A.D., the story follows the legendary Viking Chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok as he and his family become the most celebrated raiders of their time. It begins with Ragnar having a vision from Odin to send raiding parties West, instead of East. As Ragnar ascends to power, troubles ... Read More »

Breaking Bad Episode Guide

Breaking Bad Episode Guide 2

“It’s not a matter of wondering if Breaking Bad will be great, but where in the pantheon it will ultimately reside.” -Tim Goodman, Hollywood Reporter Breaking Bad Episode Guide After a terminal lung cancer diagnosis, high school chemistry teacher Walter White cooks crystal meth to provide for his family. Teaming up with former student-turned-drug deal Jesse Pinkman, Walt finds himself ... Read More »

Breaking Bad: “And the Bag’s in the River” Episode

breaking bad and the bag's in the river 2

Episode 103: “…and the Bag’s in the River” Episode Summary: Wearing gas masks, Walt and Jesse clean up the half-dissolved remains of Emilio off of Jesse’s floor. Krazy-8 is still stuck in Jesse’s basement with a bike-lock around his neck. Walt goes downstairs to talk to him. Krazy-8 reveals details about him that he could of only learned from Jesse. ... Read More »

Breaking Bad: Cat’s in the Bag Episode

breaking bad cats in the bag review

Episode 102: “Cat’s in the Bag” “It’s strange, but there’s a great chemistry between these three characters, like they’re puzzle pieces and their jagged edges aren’t even close to matching, but they fit somehow.” – Read More »