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Brooklyn Nine Nine Episode Guide

brooklyn nine nine episode guide

Brooklyn Nine Nine Episode Guide Premise: Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is a brilliant but immature police detective whose professional career gets turned upside down when Brooklyn’s 99th precinct gets a new Captain (Andre Braugher). Jake’s partner is Detective Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), a clumsy but loyal friend who has a crush on the notoriously grumpy Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie ... Read More »

Agent Carter Episode Guide

Marvel’s Agent Carter Episode Guide: Premise: Follow the story of Agent Peggy Carter as she start out as an officer in the Strategic Scientific Reserve (what will become S.H.I.E.L.D). When her friend Howard Stark is framed for treason, Carter fights to clear his name and uncover the truth before her fellow agents put Stark away for good. Agent Carter Season ... Read More »

Homeland Episode Guide

homeland episode guide

Homeland Episode Guide Premise: When Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) is rescued in Afghanistan, America celebrates the return of a war hero. CIA agent Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes), working on a hunch, believes that he may be a sleeper agent sent by Al Qaeda. Carrie secretly sets up surveillance in Brody’s home and watches him as he re-adjusts to ... Read More »

Vikings Episode Guide

vikings episode guide

Vikings Episode Guide Premise: Set at the beginning of the Viking Age around 793 A.D., the story follows the legendary Viking Chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok as he and his family become the most celebrated raiders of their time. It begins with Ragnar having a vision from Odin to send raiding parties West, instead of East. As Ragnar ascends to power, troubles ... Read More »

Breaking Bad: “And the Bag’s in the River” Episode

breaking bad and the bag's in the river 2

Episode 103: “…and the Bag’s in the River” Episode Summary: Wearing gas masks, Walt and Jesse clean up the half-dissolved remains of Emilio off of Jesse’s floor. Krazy-8 is still stuck in Jesse’s basement with a bike-lock around his neck. Walt goes downstairs to talk to him. Krazy-8 reveals details about him that he could of only learned from Jesse. ... Read More »

Breaking Bad “Pilot” Episode

Pilot photo 3

Episode 101: “Pilot” Episode Summary: We begin in a vast, empty desert. Then we cut to an RV racing down the road. Then we see the driver: a pantless man wearing a gas mask. He sees two presumably dead bodies sliding around the RV’s floor. The man crashes the RV. We hear sirens in the background. Seeing no way out, ... Read More »