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vikings episode guide

Vikings Episode Guide


Set at the beginning of the Viking Age around 793 A.D., the story follows the legendary Viking Chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok as he and his family become the most celebrated raiders of their time. It begins with Ragnar having a vision from Odin to send raiding parties West, instead of East. As Ragnar ascends to power, troubles with having heirs, sibling jealousy and politics complicate his ascendancy into legend.

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#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
101Rites of PassageDuring a battle, Ragnar has visions from Odin; With new navigation technology, Ragnar believes that the raiding parties should head west, instead of East, as they have always done. Ragnar is sharply rebuked by his ruler, Earl Haraldson. March 3rd, 2013
102Wrath of the NorthmenRagnar sets out West in an unauthorized raid; Haraldson learns of the raid and has the shipbuilder murdered; Monks in the Western lands see an terrifying omen.March 10th, 2013
103DispossessedRagnar returns from a successful raid...and the Earl immediately confiscates everything; Ragnar takes his monk-turned-slave back home; Ragnar comes back to the Western lands to offers of peace and negotiation from the rulers on Northumbria.March 17th, 2013
104TrialRagnar and his men raid a village and find it completely empty due to its citizens attending mass. Lagertha kills Knut for trying to rape her; Ragnar takes the blame and it put on trial on his return home; Earl tries to get Rollo to testify against Ragnar. March 24th, 2013
105RaidThe Earl has his men raid Ragnar's home; Ragnar is severely wounded, and his family narrowly escape on a boat; Floki takes Ragnar in to nurse him back to health; The Earl captures Rollo and tortures him to get Ragnar's attention.March 31st, 2013
106Burial of the DeadThe Earl accepts Ragnar's challenge to a duel, and in the ensuing duel, Ragnar kills him; Ragnar becomes the new Earl, and grants Haraldson a chieftain's funeral. Siggy (Haraldson's widow) is given protection, and a marriage proposal by Rollo. April 7th, 2013
107A King's RansomRagnar's raiding party captures the King's brother and demands a ransom; Lagertha takes over ruling for Ragnar and does well...but suffers a miscarriage.April 14th, 2013
108SacrificeRagnar takes his family to the temple at Uppsala to help with conceiving another child; Ragnar is asked to be an ambassador between King Horik and Earl Borg over a land dispute; Athelstan learns of the human sacrifices done at these temples. April 21st, 2013
109All ChangeThe dispute between Horik and Borg is more complicated than it appears; Borg recognizes Rollo's ambition and wants to use it to his advantage; Ragnar flirts with the princess Aslaug, who later reveals that she is bearing his child.April 28th, 2013

Metacritic Score for Season 1: 70


IGN Rating for Season 1: 7.0/10


Amazon Customer Rating: 4.6/5


Season 2 Episode List:

Vikings will returns for a 10-Episode Season 2 in March 2014.


  • Vikings’ star Travis Fimmel is actually Australian. He started his career as a Calvin Klein model, and later on starring the WB series ‘Tarzan‘.
  • Travis Fimmel also starred in 2009’s The Beast, a cop show starring Patrick Swayze. When Swayze died soon after production on the series wrapped, Fimmel released this statement: “He was an inspiration, a gentleman and I was blessed to have worked with him and even more blessed to have called him my friend.”- source: Comcast
  • Some historians specializing in Viking Age studies have criticized the show for some historical inaccuracies. For example, the main character Ragnar Lothbrok is threatened with the death penalty, but in that time, outlawry (being outcast from your village) was the main practice in these times.


Creators: Michael Hirst (The Tudors, The Borgias, and Camelot)
Starring: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgård, Gabriel Byrne
First Aired: March 3rd, 2013
Final Airdate: Currently Airing
Network:History Channel


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