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Welcome to TV Episode Guides! Here you can keep track of your favorite TV series so that you never miss an episode. We also have reviews, trivia, and links to sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon where you can start watching episodes instantly!

View Every Episode of your Favorite Show:

I marathoned through the first season of Community (I love that show). After I finished, I read some fan-blogs that made references I didn’t get. Turns out I had managed to miss an episode (it was “Beginner Pottery”, a modern classic). This motivated me to start an episode guide website that helps people keep track of their favorite tv shows.

Is Your Favorite Show Airing Tonight?

Not sure if a show is airing a new episode tonight? Our episode guides have lists of every episode, as well as their original airdates. If you’re watching a show live, or marathoning it on Netflix, our episode guides will keep you on track. PVR’s can be unreliable (don’t get me started talking about mine!).

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Our episode guides contain instant viewing options, where we shows you where you can start watching a series instantly. Whether the series is on Netflix, Vudu, or Amazon Instant Video you can watch your favorite series right away.

Episode Trivia:

Want to know more about Breaking Bad’s bathtub scene? We also feature trivia about certain episodes and seasons that can enhance your enjoyment of the series.