Breaking Bad Episode Guide

Breaking Bad Episode Guide

“It’s not a matter of wondering if Breaking Bad will be great, but where in the pantheon it will ultimately reside.”
-Tim Goodman, Hollywood Reporter

Breaking Bad Episode Guide

After a terminal lung cancer diagnosis, high school chemistry teacher Walter White cooks crystal meth to provide for his family. Teaming up with former student-turned-drug deal Jesse Pinkman, Walt finds himself delving deeper into the seedy underbelly of the drug business…and likes it.
-a crude synopsis, I’ll admit, but how do you sum up a great series like this in two sentences?

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Season 1 Episode List

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1"Pilot"After a terminal lung cancer diagnosis, chemistry teacher Walter White starts cooking meth to pay for his cancer treatments.
2. "Cat's in the Bag..."Walter and Jesse try to clean up loose ends, including one still-alive drug dealer.
3. "...And the Bag's in the River."Walt bonds with an imprisoned drug dealer whom he may have to kill.
4. "Cancer Man"Hank suspects that there's new 'players in town'; Hank visits an oncologist; Jesse hides out at his parents' house.
5. "Gray Matter"At a birthday party for an ex-coworker, Walt gets an irresistible offer. Jesse and Badger head out in the RV to cook Meth.
6. "Crazy Handful of Nothin"Walt may have to step out of his 'silent partner' arrangement after Jesse is injured. Hank discovers drug-making equipment that originated from Walt's school.
7."A No Rough-Stuff Type Deal"Walt makes a dangerous deal with Tuco.
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Metacritic Score for Season 1: 74


IGN Rating for Season 1: 9.8/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 4.7/5



Season 2 Episode List:

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#:Name:Description:Original Air Date:
201"Seven Thirty-Seven"After Walt and Jesse see Tuco kill one of his goons, Jesse becomes increasingly paranoid that Tuco is going to kill both him and Walt. Walt devises a plan to kill Tuco. March 9th, 2009
202"Grilled"Skylar, Marie and the famiy put up flyers after Walt goes missing. Tuco takes Jesse and Walt to his Uncle Hector's house to hide out. March 15th, 2009
203"Bit by a Dead Bee"Walt's hospitalized and claims he doesn't remember the last few days. Jesse is picked up and quizzed about why his car was at Tuco's house.March 22nd, 2009
204"Down"Walt tries to deflect Skyler's suspicions about Walt's recent behavior. Jesse's house is repossessed and struggles to find a place to sleep. March 29th, 2009
205"Breakage"Walt confront Skylar about her smoking. Jesse rents an apartment from a nerdy girl named Jane; Hank calls in sick to brew beer at home. April 5th, 2009
206"Peekaboo"Jesse confronts the meth-head couple that ripped off Skinny Pete...only to find a neglected 5 year old boy in their care. Walt's lie about Gray Matter paying his medical bills starts to unravel. April 12th, 2009
207"Negro y Azul"Jesse considers expanding their operation after a rumor increases his street cred; Hank has trouble working with his new El Paso colleagues; Skylar goes to work for her old boss Ted Beneke.April 19th, 2009
208"Better Call Saul"Badger gets arrested; Walt and Jesse need an attorney to get Badger (and their operation) out of trouble. April 26th, 2009
209"4 Days Out"Fearing the worst from imminent test results, Walt takes Jesse out to the desert for a marathon meth-making operation. Unfortunately, the RV's battery dies just as they try to leave.May 3rd, 2009
210"Over"After the good news, Walt busies himself replacing a water heater; Skyler confides in Ted that she isn't happy about the diagnosis. Jesse is mad at Jane after she dismisses him in front of her father. May 10th, 2009
211"Mandala"Combo is killed. Jesse needs to smoke meth to cope, and Jane partakes with him. Saul tells Walt about a businessman who might be interested in their product. Skylar goes into labor just as Walt needs to make a big deal. May 17th, 2009
212"Phoenix"Walt rushes to the hospital to find that Skylar has already given birth. Walt won't give Jesse his share of the money until he gets clean; Saul suggests ways to launder the money to pay for his cancer treatments. May 24th, 2009
213"ABQ"Jesse hits rock bottom; Walt sends a professional fixer to get rid of evidence; Hank notices the new distribution of meth in New Mexico. Walt prepares for his big surgery. Skyler sees through all of Walt's lies. May 31st, 2009

Metacritic Score for Season 2: 85


IGN Rating for Season 2: 9.7/10

Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 4.7/5



Season 3 Episode List:

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#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
301No MasTwo Mexicans known as 'The Cousins' arrive in New Mexico looking for Heisenberg; Jesse goes to an addict support group; Skyler wants Walt to grant her a divorce; Gus has a new business offer for Walt; March 21st, 2010
302Caballo Sin NombreThe cousins learn that Heisenberg is Walter White; Saul installs bugs in Walt's home to make sure Skyler doesn't squeal; Jesse arranges to buy his house back from his parents...without them knowing. March 29th, 2010
303I.F.T. Walt moves back home, and Skyler must decide whether to make good on her threats; The cousins have a meeting with Gus, who buys Walter some time;April 4th, 2010
304Green LightWalt is resisting Gus' offer, and makes a deal with Jesse; Hank abandons an El Paso assignment to follow a lead relating to blue meth...and captures the RV on video.April 11th, 2010
305MasHank's investigation of RV's leads him to Combo's mother; Gus tries to sweeten the pot by showing Walt a state of the art superlab. April 18th, 2010
306SunsetThe cousins are lurking around Gus, and he needs to give them something; Walt gets a new lab partner; Hank trails Jesse in order to find the RV; Walt finds out and tries to destroy the RV before Hank gets to it;Apiril 25th, 2010
307One MinuteHank goes to Jesse's house and assaults him so bad that Jesse ends up in the hospital; Hank thinks that he's done as a cop; Walt wants to bring Jesse into the lab as a partner. May 2nd, 2010
308I See YouHank is rushed to the hospital; Walt is torn between being with his family at the hospital and cooking for Gus; One cousin clings to life; May 9th, 2010
309KafkaesqueJesse considers setting up his own meth business on the side; Hank's medical insurance may leave him paralyzed; Walt pieces together Gus' role in Hank's predicament. May 16th, 2010
310FlyWalt's insomnia manifests in an obsessive hunt for fly in their superlab. Jesse suspects that there's more to it than that. May 23rd, 2010
311AbiquiúJesse strikes up a relationship with Andrea, a fellow addict in recovery; Skyler doesn't like Walt's money laundering scheme;
Jesse finds out that Gus is using children to sell drugs.
May 30th, 2010
312Half MeasuresJesse chastizes Gus for using children in the drug trade...with tragic consequences; Marie tries to convince Hank to leave the hospital;June 6th, 2010
313Full MeasuresWalt returns to work, with Gale returning as his assistant; Gus and Mike search for Jesse; Walt devises a plan to save their lives. June 13th, 2010

Metacritic Score for Season 3: 89


IGN Rating for Season 3: 9.5/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 4.7/5



Season 4 Episode List:

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#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
401Box CutterWalt and Jesse are held in the superlab by Mike as they await the final judgment of Gus. July 17th, 2011
402Thirty-Eight SnubWalt buys a gun to kill Gus, but finds him more elusive than ever; Jesse drowns out guilt by marathon partying; Hank develops a fascination with minerals. July 24th, 2011
403Open HouseJesse keeps the party going...and attracts the attention of Gus' goons. Hank is given Gale's lab notebook; Skyler tries a new strategy to buy the car wash. July 31st, 2011
404Bullet PointsJesse's money is stolen by a Tweaker, but Jesse doesn't care; At a family gathering, Hanks shows Walt Gale's lab notebook. August 7th, 2011
405ShotgunMike takes Jesse on a pick up mission; Hank, thinking Heisenberg was Gale, gives up working on the case. August 14th, 2011
406CorneredJesse continues going on pickups with Mike and earning his respect in the process; The Cartel sends s message to Gus; Walt buys a fancy new car for Walter Jr. August 21st, 2011
407Problem DogWalt gives Jesse a ricin cigarette to use on Gus; Jesse starts questioning he should be on Walt's side; Gus has sit-down with the cartel; Hank gets Gus' fingerprints and tracks them to Gale. August 28th, 2011
408HermanosGus is interviewed by the cops. Hank tries to get Walt to place a tracking device on Gus' car; Gus visits Hector in the nursing home; September 4th, 2011
409BugGus asks Jesse to go to Mexico to help prevent a war; Skyler tries to save Ted from an IRS audit; Walt places a GPS on Jesse's car. September 11th, 2011
410SaludSkyler arranges for Ted to receive an inheritance; Gus, Mike and Jesse go to Mexico to meet with the cartel. September 18th, 2011
411Crawl SpaceHank tries to visit the laundry facility where the superlab is located; Gus fires Walt; Skyler turns to Saul in dealing with Ted. September 25th, 2011
412End TimesThe cops raid the laundry facility, but find nothing; Brock is poisoned and Jesse thinks Walt did it. Walt builds a pipe bomb. October 2nd, 2011
413Face OffJesse is questioned by authorities after mentioning Ricin in relation to Brock; Walt tries to find some weakness in Gus; Hector demands to speak to the DEA. October 9th, 2011

Metacritic Score for Season 4: 96


IGN Rating for Season 4: 9.5/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 4.7/5



Season 5 Episode List:

Season 5.1 and 5.2:    

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#:Title: Description:Originally Aired:
501Live Free or DieMike returns from Mexico furious after learning about Gus; Walt and Jesse devise a plan to retrieve Gus' laptop from a police station; Skyler discovers Ted seriously injured. July 15th, 2012
502MadrigalJesse and Walt try to create their own meth-making business, but are one chemical short. Lydia, an ex-colleague of Gus, wants Mike to kill all the men who could implicate them. July 22nd, 2012
503Hazard PayWalt, Jesse and Mike use a pest control business as their cover; Skyler has a breakdown in front of Marie; Jesse doubts his relationship with Andrea. July 29th, 2012
504Fifty-OneLydia is visited by some DEA agents; Walt buys a fancy new car on his birthday; Skyler tries to drown herself at Walt's birthday party. August 5th, 2012
505Dead FreightMike tries to decide whether he should kill Lydia or not; Walt and Jesse figure out a new source for methylamine..and it involves a train heist. . August 12th, 2012
506BuyoutTodd's actions at the train heist weight on Jesse heavily; Jesse and Mike try to sell their business, but it proves difficult without Walt's involvement. Jesse has an awkward dinner with Walt and Skyler. August 19th, 2012
507Say My NameWalt negotiates a buyout deal where everyone wins, and Mike gets his money. Jesse still refuses to come back; The DEA figures out how the nine imprisoned men are getting their money. August 26th, 2012
508Gliding Over All In the midseason finale, Walt partners with Lydia on a new deal; Walt makes amends with Jesse; Skyler gives Walt compelling evidence to quit. September 2nd, 2012
509Blood MoneyHank has a panic attack after learning some new information; Jesse tries to give away his money; Lydia wants Walt to return to the business. August 11th, 2013
510BuriedHank tries to wrangle a confession out of Skyler; Walt moves his money to a safer location; Lydia finds some new partners. August 18th, 2013
511ConfessionsHank tries to turn Jesse, who considers leaving town; Walt tries a bold new strategy with Hank. August 25th, 2013
512Rabid DogWalt desperately tries to find Jesse, who has gone missing; Hank takes Jesse into his home, and tries to get him confess his crimes. September 1st, 2013
513To'hajiileeWalt puts a hit out on Jesse; Walt tries to draw Jesse out by visiting Andrew. Jesse tries his own method of drawing Walt out...which works. September 8th, 2013
514OzymandiasA shootout ends tragically; Walt desperately tries to cling to what he has left...and it keeps slipping through his fingers. September 15th, 2013
515Granite StateWalt gets a new identity cross country; Skyler is threatened by both the DEA and Todd's gang.September 22nd, 2013
516FelinaOne year later, Walt returns. September 29th, 2013

Metacritic Score for Season 5: 99


IGN Rating for Season 5: 10/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 4.7/5




  • The show was originally supposed to be set in Riverside, California. It was relocated to New Mexico for tax-credit reasons.
  • Jesse was originally supposed to die at the end of season 1. After seeing Aaron Paul‘s performance, the producers changed their minds.
  • Vince Gilligan’s vision for Walt was to go from Mr. Chips to Scarface.


Created By: Vince Gilligan
Starring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, Bob Odenkirk, Giancarlo Esposito, Jonathan Banks
Series Premiere: Jan. 20th, 2008
Series Finale: September 19th, 2013


“Chemistry is, well technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change.”
Walter White

“Yo, Gatorade me, bitch” – Jesse Pinkman

“They’re minerals, Marie! Jesus!” – Hank Schrader

“Just because you shot Jesse James, don’t make you Jesse James.” – Mike Ehrmantraut

“Stay out of my territory” – Walter White

“Jesse, you asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business. Neither. I’m in the empire business.” – Walter White

“Yeah Bitch! Magnets” – Jesse Pinkman

“Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.” – Skyler White 

“If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.” – Gus Fring 

“Say my name.”  – Walter White

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