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The series begins with the rescue of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), a billionaire playboy, from a desert island. Marooned on the hostile island, flashbacks reveal Oliver’s journey as he transforms from carefree playboy to highly-trained vigilante.

Upon his return to Starling City, Oliver creates a secret identity to make right the wrongs caused by his wealthy family. Arrow is based on Green Arrow, a popular DC Comics superhero. The series was created by Greg Berlanti (writer of the 2011 film Green Lantern), David Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg.

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Check out The Atom’s New Costume!

Warner Brothers just released the first image of Brandon Routh in the New Atom costume. I must say, it’s pretty much better than all the comic-book versions of the Atom (that’s just my opinion…).

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Arrow Season 3 Episode List:

#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
301The CalmIt's a new era for the Arrow: Starling City considers him a hero. Lance calls of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Oliver, believing he can have a fully functional private life now, decides to go on a date with Felicity. Unfortunately, a deadly villain appears in Starling City, causing Oliver to rethink his beliefs. Someone close to the team is lost.October 8th, 2014
302SaraLaurel brings Sara's body to the team. Arrow learns of another Archer killing people, and pursues him with Diggle and Felicity's help. He's revealed to be Simon Lacroix, a skilled archer but not Sara's killer. Laurel debates whether to tell her ailing father about Sara's death. October 15th, 2014
303Corto MalteseOliver wants to bring Thea home, and Felicity tracks her down to Corto Maltese. Since Diggle is heading to the island with Oliver, he's given a mission by ARGUS to follow up on an agent that's gone missing. Thea refuses to leave, so Oliver helps Diggle out on his mission. Oliver reveals how his father really died to Thea, and she decides to return to Starling City; In flashbacks we see that Malcolm Merlyn has been training Thea for the past six months. Laurel tries to exact vengeance on an abusive boyfriend of a fellow AA member, but her attempt leads her to the hospital. October 22nd, 2014
304The MagicianNyssa al Ghul returns to Starling City seeking Sara; she reveals that Sara's mission was to seek out Malcolm Merlyn's whereabouts; Malcolm meets Oliver in public and says that he only came to Starling City to retrieve Thea; Nyssa does not believe him and tries to lure him into a trap. Oliver fights both of them, and later tells Nyssa that he believes that Malcolm did not kill Sara, and that he's under Oliver's protection. Nyssa warns him that he's made a powerful enemy.October 29th, 2014
305The Secret Origin of Felicity SmoakA cyber-attack shuts down Starling City. When Felicity investigates, she discovers that it's a virus that she herself wrote years ago. Felicity's mother unexpectedly arrives at her doorstep; The only person that knows about Felicity's computer virus is an ex-boyfriend of her that died years ago. Roy is having visions of himself killing Sara. November 5th, 2014
306GuiltyA body shows up in Ted Grant's gym, which puts Laurel's new boxing trainer under suspicion. Turns out Ted was a vigilante from years ago who took on an unruly sidekick. Roy tells Felicity about his dreams, and when forensic evidence points to a shorter assailant, Roy confesses that he killed Sara. Oliver helps Roy to recover his actual memories. November 12th, 2014
307Draw Back Your BowThere's a new copycat assailant who calls herself Cupid and is obsessed with the Arrow. Carrie Cutter was saved by the Arrow years ago and her infatuation soon became pathological. Felicity is asked to go on a date with Ray Palmer. November 19th, 2014
308The Brave and the BoldOn the trail of a boomerang murderer, Oliver and Roy discover that ARGUS is looking for the same man: Digger Harkness. And he's after Diggle's ex-wife Lyla.
Also, Flash's crew appears in Starling City to help Felicity examine the arrows that killed Sara. The Flash helps out with the Boomerang murderer, but protests at the Arrow's extreme interrogation tactics. When they catch up with Digger Harkness, they find out that he's planted five bombs around Starling City that need to be disabled at exactly the same time.
December 3rd, 2014
309The ClimbThe League of Assassins have returned and give Oliver 48 hours to turn over Sara's killer. Oliver learns that Thea and Malcolm had returned to Starling City the night before Sara's death. Malcom shows Oliver video of Thea killing Sara. He wants to use it as leverage against Oliver to force a fight against Ra's al Ghul. Oliver confronts Ra's, and is mortally wounded. December 10th, 2014
310Left BehindRoy and Diggle continue to protect the city in Oliver's absence; Merlyn pays the Arrow team a surprise visit; Laurel officially takes up the mantle as the new Black Canary; Ray Palmer tests part of his new suit. January 21st, 2015
311Midnight CityLaurel's dangerous work as the Black Canary leads Diggle and Arsenal to confront her; Ray (Brandon Routh) helps Captain Lance track down the kidnapped city Alderman. January 28th, 2015
312UprisingDesperate to stop Brick (Vinnie Jones), team Arrow debates whether to accept help from their old enemy Malcolm Merlyn. Flashbacks also reveal Malcolm's dark journey after the death of his wife. February 4th, 2015
313CanariesWerner Zytle escapes from prison and restarts manufacturing Vertigo. Laurel, shunned by Oliver, decides to take Zytle on by herself, but ends up drugged and hallucinating about her dead sister Sara. Merlyn convinces Oliver to tell Thea about his secret life as the Arrow. Laurel informs her father that Sara is dead. February 11th, 2015
314The ReturnThea and Oliver's voyage to the island of Lian Yu takes a deadly turn when Merlyn releases Slade Wilson. Oliver tells her that Merlyn drugged her and made her kill Sara to blackmail Oliver into facing the League. February 18th, 2015
315Nanda ParbatRiddled with guilt, Thea confesses to Laurel that she was the one that killed her sister; Laurel goes to take down Merlyn, but is outmatched. But Nyssa Al Ghul arrives and takes Merlyn prisoner for her father; Oliver retaliates by kidnapping Nyssa; Oliver and Diggle decide to rescue Merlyn from Nanda Parbat, which is Ra's Al Ghul's home fortress. Ra's has an interesting offer for Oliver. February 25th, 2015
316The OfferOliver learns of a new villain that's been menacing Starling City; Laurel and Nyssa bond over the loss of Sara and being alienated by their fathers; Detective Lance decides to shut out both the Arrow and Black Canary. March 17th, 2015
317Suicidal TendenciesThe Suicide Squad rudely interrupts Diggle's honeymoon and presents him with a new mission; Oliver has a serious problem with Ray's new Atom costume, which doesn't go over well with Felicity. March 25th, 2015
318Public EnemyDetective Lance orders an arrest warrant for the Arrow and his team for the Mayor's murder; Ray Palmer is mortally wounded, but he has a nano-tech solution that could save his life; Ra's Al Ghul warns Arrow that refusing his offer will only bring more death for him and his city; Ra's reveals to Detective Lance the Arrow's true identity; Lance then reveals it on television. Roy decides to announce that he is the Arrow, and has been the whole time. April 1st, 2015
319Broken ArrowFelicity orders Oliver to keep a low profile, now that Lance and the police are targeting the Arrow; A meta-human is using energy blasts to terrorize people, which forces the Arrow to ask for help from the Atom. April 15th, 2015
320The FallenRa's Al Ghul provides a new offer that Oliver can't refuse; He takes the team to see Ra's; Felicity takes matters into her own hands. April 22nd, 2015
321Al Sah-HimApril 29th, 2015
322This is Your SwordMay 6th, 2015
323My Name is Oliver QueenMay 13th, 2015

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Arrow Season 3 News:

  • Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) joins the cast as Ray Palmer (“The Atom”) as the new CEO of Queen Consolidated. However he starts using the applied sciences division in mysterious and unexpected ways.
  • Ra’s Al Ghul – The main villain of Season 3 will be Ra’s Al Ghul, whom you may remember was the main antagonist of Batman Begins. The two versions of this character are completely unrelated, however.

Arrow Season 2 Episode List:

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#:Title: Description:Original Airdate:
201City of HeroesOliver returns to the island as penance for his failure to protect the Glades or save Tommy. Felicity and Diggle warn him of a hostile takeover attempt on Queen Enterprises; There are several vigilantes, dressed as the Hood, trying to take back the Glades. Oliver takes most of them out, leaving them for Quentin Lance, now a patrol officer. October 9th, 2013
202IdentityRoy, dressed as the Vigilante tries to stop China White from robbing a truck, but fails. Oliver tries to convince him not to do this anymore; Oliver learns that someone is robbing medicine trucks in the Glades; Oliver tries to work with Sebastien Blood to bring awareness to people in need...but it goes disastrously; The Vigilante convinces Roy to be his eyes and ears in the Glades, instead of pretending to be the Vigilante himself. October 16th, 2013
203Broken DollsOliver is saved by a mysterious female vigilante, and he sets out to find out who she is; Officer Lance learns that a criminal he put away years ago, Barton Mathis, escaped prison during the earthquakes and is on the loose. During the manhunt, both Lance and his daughter Laurel are kidnapped by Mathis; Oliver manages to save them, but the female vigilante kills Mathis; A member of Ra's Al Ghul's order comes to collect the female vigilante, but she refuses and kills him in the ensuing fight. October 23rd, 2013
204CrucibleLaurel suspects that the female vigilante is following her; Oliver discovers that she is Sara, Laurel's sister that everyone had assumed was dead; A gang leader called "The Mayor" is robbing gun shipments; Blood and a corrupt police officer confront The Mayor and inject him with a green liquid that kills him; Oliver asks Sara to reveal herself to the family; Laurel develops a drinking problem. October 30th, 2013
205League of AssassinsAs assassin that looks like Malcolm attacks Oliver and Sara at the Queen Mansion; Sara says that the assassin is Al-Owal, a member of the League of Assassins; Oliver and Sara fight Al-Owal, along with a couple other assassins, to a stalemate. Al-Owal threatens to kill Sara's family. Oliver gets Laurel to safety; Sara manages to kill Al-Owal in the ensuing attack, but decides to leave Starling City to keep her family safe. November 6th, 2013
206Keep Your Enemies CloserOliver and Diggle fly to Russia in pursuit of a missing A.R.G.U.S. agent that was tracking Deadshot. Diggle gets himself arrested so that he can go to the same gulag that Lyla Michaels is being held at. There they find Deadshot is being held in an isolation freezer; In the ensuing jailbreak, Deadshot saves Lyla's life, and Arrow lets him go as a thank you. In return, Deadshot reveals that he was contracted to kill Diggle's brother by H.I.V.E.November 13th, 2013
207State vs. QueenThe Count escapes from prison and infects people with a virus where his drug 'vertigo' is the only cure; Malcolm reappears as the man behind Moira's criminal trial; Blood discovers one person that can survive the serum injections; November 20th, 2013
208The Scientist A thief with superhuman strength steals a centrifuge from Queen Industries; Oliver asks for help from Central City's Barry Allen for help; Barry reveals that he's also searching for superhuman beings because one killed his mother; Moira threatens to tell the League of Assassins about Malcolm and have him killed; Oliver realizes that the supersoldier serum is the same one Dr. Ivo was experimenting with on the island. December 4th, 2013
209Three GhostsA fight with Cyrus Gold leaves Oliver drugged and left for dead; Felicity's cure causes Oliver to hallucinate, and he's forced to confront issues from his past; Barry Allen continues to work with Felicity, and their connection grows; Lance investigates Cyrus GoldDecember 11th, 2013
210Blast RadiusOliver tries to stop a bomb going off at a rally; Thea sees Roy's superstrength and wants answers. January 15th, 2014
211Blind SpotOliver has Laurel help with his investigation into Sebastian Blood; Roy's attempts to use his new powers have unintended side effects; Laurel is fired when her addictions come to light; January 22nd, 2014
212Tremors As escaped prisoner manages to steal a prototype for the earthquake device; Arrow has trouble teaching Roy self-control; Moira decides to run for Mayor against Sebastian Blood. January 29th, 2014
213Heir to the DemonNyssa Raatko (daughter of Ra's Al Ghul) orders Sara to return to the League of Shadows; When Sara refuses, Nyssa kidnaps her mother; Felicity Smoak discovers that Malcolm is the true father of Thea; February 5th, 2014
214Time of DeathOliver welcomes Sara onto his team with Diggle and Felicity; The team goes after the Clock King, a thief so good that he hacks Arrow's own computers. Felicity, feeling that she has to make up for her mistakes, takes a dangerous risk. February 26th, 2014
215The PromiseOliver's mother forces him to give Slade Wilson a tour of his home; Slade wants to deliver on a promise Oliver made on the island. March 5th, 2014
216Suicide SquadDiggle is called on by Amanda Waller to lead her new Suicide Squad. He needs to get close to Gholem Qadir. Oliver and Waller realize that they are tracking the same man: "Deathstroke". March 19th, 2014
217Birds of PreyOliver helps the police capture Frank Bertinelli. Oliver suspects that his daughter Helena (The Huntress) will try to assassinate him now that he's in police custody. Roy breaks up with Thea.March 26th, 2014
218DeathstrokeSlade kidnaps Thea. Oliver makes Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) temporary CEO of Queen Consolidated, where she immediately assumes permanent control. Thea learns a shocking revelation about her biological father. Roy leaves Starling City, Quentin Lance is arrested for helping the Arrow, Slade reveals information to Laurel about Oliver.April 2nd, 2014
219The Man Under the HoodOliver tries to stop Slade's Mirakuru plans, and Slade retaliates by breaking into Oliver's headquarters. Slade kidnaps Roy to use his blood. Laurel follows up on Slade's revelation and discovers the identity of the Black Canary. April 16th, 2014
220Seeing RedRoy, overwhelmed by the Mirakuru, goes on a rampage. Oliver and Sara debate whether Roy needs to be killed. Moira decides to drop out of the Mayoral race to focus on her family. April 23rd, 2014
221City of BloodOliver goes missing after a family tragedy; Isabel takes over Verdant, prompting Thea to leave Starling City; Laurel tells Oliver that Sebastien Blood and Slade are working together, and that Blood knew of Slade's assassination attempt beforehand. April 30th, 2014
222Streets of FireMalcolm Merlyn returns to Starling City to save Thea; Oliver learns that Slade intends to destroy the entire city in vengeance against Oliver. S.T.A.R. labs creates a cure for Mirakuru, but Slade gets to the lab before Oliver. Sebastien Blood learns of Slade's plans and makes a big decision. May 7th, 2014
223UnthinkableOliver and his team confront Slade with a working cure. Sara and the League of Assassins arrive in Starling City to help fight the Mirakuru soldiers; Diggle tries to convince Waller to call off her nuclear strike of Starling City; Slade kidnaps Felicity, thinking that she is the one Oliver loves; Thea loses trust in Roy and leaves the city with Malcolm; in flashbacks, Oliver wakes up in Hong Kong and meets Amanda Waller.May 14th, 2014
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More of this in season 3?

Arrow Season 1 Episode List:

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#:Name:Description:Original Airdate:
101PilotOliver returns to Starling City and tries to reconnect with his family, as well as his former girlfriend Laurel; He dons a vigilante mask and tries to take down corrupt Adam Hunt. But in doing so, he attract the attention of Police Chief Quentin Lance (Laurel's father), who has no patience for vigilantes on his streets. October 10th, 2012
102Honor Thy FatherOliver faces pressure from his mother to take a position at the family company; Laurel files a wrongful death civil suit against a man named Martin Somers...a man also on Oliver's target list. When Oliver tries to get a confession out of him, instead Somers sends an assassin named China White after Laurel; In flashbacks we get a glimpse of a mysterious archer attacking Oliver on the desert island. October 17th, 2012
103Lone GunmenAs assassin named Deadshot kills a millionaire on Arrow's list; The police suspect that it's the new vigilante; Oliver builds a nightclub as a cover for his night time activities; Laurel confesses that she's been sleeping with Tommy, but becomes concerned when Oliver doesn't have any reaction to the news; A ploy to capture Deadshot results in Diggle being injured. October 24th, 2012
104An Innocent ManOliver offers Diggle the chance to work with him to help the city; Oliver enlists Laurel to help him discover the truth from a deathrow inmate; A resulting prison break forces Oliver to sneak into the prison; Damning video evidence leads Detective Lance to arrest Oliver for being the vigilante. October 31st, 2012
105DamagedCharged with murder, Oliver offers to take a polygraph to prove his innocence; Moira and a mysterious stranger meet to discuss the threat that the Vigilante poses; Oliver enlists Diggle to help him prove his innocence. November 7th, 2012
106LegaciesDiggle wants Oliver to help the police capture a group of bank robbers; Initially Oliver only wants to focus on people on his target list; The bank robbers have a connection to Queen's family. November 14th, 2012
107Muse of FireOliver's mother is nearly gunned down in an assassination attempt on mob boss Frank Bertinelli; Oliver infiltrates his gang, and discovers the true identity of China White; Tommy is cut off from the family business. November 28, 2012
108VendettaHelena tries to assassinate the leader of the Triads; Oliver tries to teach her to fight for something more than pure revenge. She buys in...but when the opportunity to kill the head Triad presents itself, the temptation may prove too great. December 5th, 2013
109Year's EndWhen Adam Hunt is murdered via an arrow, the public blames the vigilante in town. Detective Lance isn't so sure; Flashbacks reveal the true nature of the island that Oliver's stranded on; Oliver confronts the second archer and gets injured in the fight, but discovers the identity of the second archer. December 12th, 2013
110BurnedOliver has been laying low since the fight with the second Archer. But when a firefighter is killed under suspicious circumstances, Laurel contacts the vigilante to ask for help: Oliver discovers that his self-imposed exile is due to the fact that now he has something to lose. January 16th, 2013
111Trust But VerifyAn armored truck robbery leaves Oliver suspecting that a man on his list, ex-Marine Ted Gaynor, is behind it. Diggle, who served in the military with Gaynor, refuses to believe it and reaches out to Gaynor to help him. Oliver's little sister Thea takes a new drug called 'Vertigo', which results in a car crash and arrest. January 23nd, 2013
112Vertigo Thea's case is sent to trial. In an effort to help his sister, Oliver seeks the suppliers of this new 'Vertigo' drug. His search leads him to the Russian mafia, led by a man named 'The Count'; During a fight Oliver is injected with the drug, leading him to experience visions of himself back on the island. January 20th, 2013
113BetrayalOliver interrogates his mother about the list of names she has, but she doesn't give up anything; A criminal named Vanch is released from prison on a technicality. When he learns that Laurel and the Vigilante are working to put him back behind bars, he kidnaps Laurel; The Vigilante and Laurel's father, Detective Lance, must work together to save her. February 6th, 2013
114The OdysseyOliver, disguised as the Vigilante, interrogates his mother. During the interrogation, Moira shoots Oliver and gets away. Oliver, gravely wounded, needs the help of Felicity and Diggle to survive. While unconscious, Oliver has flashbacks to the island, where he and Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) plan their escape. February 13th, 2013
115DodgerOliver tracks a criminal named the "Dodger", who straps explosives to his victims and makes them commit crimes for him. Oliver goes out on a date with Detective Hall; Oliver has flashbacks to the island, where he must decide if a person in need is real or a trap. February 20th, 2013
116Dead to RightsAfter Oliver stops an assassin, China White hires Deadshot to take out Malcolm; Oliver encourage Tommy to go see Malcolm speak; Once Oliver realizes who the target is, he rushes to the hotel and fights Deadshot. Malcolm is wounded. February 27th, 2013
117The Huntress ReturnsHelena returns to Starling City for revenge after learning that her father plans on going into Witness Protection. When Oliver refuses to help, Helena kidnaps Tommy to force him into helping. Helena shoots Detective McKenna, who later in the hospital reveals that she's leaving for Coast City.March 20th, 2013
118SalvationOliver must contend with another vigilante named "The Savior", who kidnaps a slum lord and executes him live on television. Oliver tries to trace his broadcasts, but they are a moving target. Malcolm contacts the Triads to figure out who tried to kill him. March 27th, 2013
119Unfinished BusinessVertigo reemerges on the streets, and Oliver tracks down the Count to find out why. The Count seems to have lost his mind, but Oliver isn't sure if it's genuine or if he's faking it; Detective Lance finds some connections between the Vertigo drug and Tommy, and in his investigation he very nearly discovers Oliver's hideout. April 3rd, 2013
120Home InvasionA hitman takes out a family, all except a boy that Laurel takes into her protection; A task force is assembled to take down Deadshot, but Oliver instead focuses on who hired him; The hitman breaks into the Queen Mansion to finish off the boy, but Oliver is able to take him out. April 24th, 2013
121The UndertakingOliver steals a laptop from a banker in order to return money to the people it was taken from, Oliver discovers a hit taken out on Walter. Oliver and Felicity go undercover at a casino, and a mob boss says that Walter is dead. When Moira hears this, she confronts Malcolm, who says that Walter is alive, but being held captive. Meanwhile, we learn that Malcolm had a disagreement with Oliver's father and planted a bomb on the boat. May 1st, 2013
122Darkness on the Edge of TownMalcolm starts murdering the scientists responsible for the "Undertaking" device; Oliver and Diggle try to hack into the mainframe to learn more about it; Oliver considers retiring the Vigilante after this is all over; Oliver kisses Laurel, and Tommy sees it; Oliver finds Malcolm, and they fight.. Walt hands Moira divorce papers, and says that he knows that she was responsible for his kidnapping. May 8th, 2013
123SacrificeMalcolm imprisons Oliver and leaves him to die; Moira holds a press conference where she confesses her involvement in plans to level the Glades; Oliver and Malcolm fight, and Malcolm is mortally wounded; Detective Lance and Felicity dismantle the device; Malcolm confesses that he has a second device, which goes off. Laurel goes into the Glades to help people as the earthquake rips everything apart; Tommy rushes in to rescue Laurel, and is mortally wounded by the falling debris. May 15th, 2013

Metacritic Score for Season 1: 73


IGN Rating for Season 1: 8.6/10


Amazon Customer Rating (Season 1): 4.5/5



  • The Arrow TV show has several connections to DC Superhero Green Lantern. The creator, Greg Berlanti, was director of 2011’s Green Lantern; Several episodes have been written by Geoff Johns, who has been writing Green Lantern comics for most of the 2000’s.
  • Although Green Lantern has met to make an appearance on Arrow, characters have made several references to Coast City on the show. Coast City is home to Hal Jordan, the most famous of the Green Lanterns.
  • The producers are planning a “Flash” spinoff series. Grant Gustin is currently guest starring on Arrow playing Flash’s alter ego Barry Allen.
  • In the comics Green Arrow had a sidekick named ‘Speedy’, who famously became a drug addict (a dark storyline for a comic book at the time). The TV series Arrow has been introducing a character named Roy Harper (the original ‘Speedy’ in the comics) and has been shown to have substance abuse issues.


Creator: Greg Berlanti (for the TV Series), Mort Weisinger (original creator of the comic book character)
Starring: Stephen Ammell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Manu Bennett, John Barrowman.
First Aired:
Final Airdate: The show is currently still airing.


Season 3 First Look:

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