Revolution Episode Guide

Revolution Episode Guide

Revolution Episode Guide


In a world devoid electricity, 17 year old Charlie Matheson has her father captured and killed by a menacing militia. With her brother captured as well, Charlie sets out to find her uncle, Miles, and set out on a journey to figure out just what caused the lights to go out, and what it all means for the future of humanity.

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Season 1 Episode List:

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#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
101PilotCharlie is living in a peaceful village...15 years after the world became devoid of electricity. Captain Neville comes to take away Charlie's father, Ben, who is fatally shot in the process. Charlie then ventures out to find her uncle. September 17th, 2012
102Chained HeatCharlie and Miles try to find Danny by seeking out Nora, the next target on the Militia's list; September 24th, 2013
103No QuarterAfter kidnapping Jeremy, Nora and Charlie learn a dark secret about Miles. October 1st, 2012
104The Plague DogsAaron is attacked and injured by a pack of dogs. Charlie is kidnapped by Nate; A fierce storm leads Danny to make an important decision. October 8th, 2012
105Soul TrainNeville plans to take Danny on a train to Philadelphia; Nora and the resistance want to blow up the train. October 15th, 2012
106Sex and DrugsThe search for medicine to help Nora leads them to a drug kingpin named Drexel. October 29th, 2012
107The Children's CrusadeCharlie and the Gang encounter a group of chidren whose parents were killed by the Militia. November 5th, 2012
108Ties That BindWhen Nora comes into contact with her sister, she must make a decision between her old and new family. A ruthless General pursues Miles. November 12th, 2012
109KashmirDuring a rescue attempt in the subway tunnels, Miles and the gang start hallucinating. November 19th, 2013
110Nobody's Fault But MineThe gang is kidnapped and held by Neville; Charlie, Danny and Rachel are reunited; Monroe and Miles face off; November 26th, 2013
111The StandNewly functioning milita helicopters pursue Charlie, Miles and the gang as they attempt to join the rebels in their fight. March 25, 2013
112GhostsMiles tries to recruit an old friend, Jim, to help train a rebel army; Monroe and Randall form an uneasy alliance. April 1st, 2013
113The Song Remains the SameRachel reveals what caused the blackout; Miles and Rachel renew their romantic interest in each other; Charlie wants to kill Neville for revenge. April 8th, 2013
114The Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaMonroe becomes increasingly paranoid as Neville disappears; Miles and the Gang join the Georgia Federation to fight Monroe; Monroe wants to nuke Georgia. April 22nd, 2013
115HomeClearly rattled by Miles' new army, Monroe demands that Miles surrender; Monroe gets some shocking news; Miles gets a new liaison. April 29th, 2013
116The Love BoatMiles and Neville try to kidnap a scientist named Dr. Ethan Camp; Aaron discovers that a software application he wrote at MIT has a connection to the Tower. May 6th, 2013
117The Longest DayA devastating attack has Miles' army on the ropes; Jason is critically injured and taken in by his father. May 13th, 2013
118ClueNora is tortured and gives up everything; Miles and Hudson fight; Monroe wants to end his relationship with Flynn. May 20th, 2013
119Children of MenRachel's assassination attempt lands her in the Tower with Monroe; Rachel learns the potential consequences of turning the lights back on.May 27th, 2013
120The Dark TowerMiles and Monroe clear the air and become allies; Nora helps the gang get to level 12; The lights come back on with unexpected results; Randall reveals his true purpose. June 3rd, 2013

Metacritic Score for Season 1: 64


IGN Rating for Season 1: 6.7/10


Amazon Customer Rating (whole series): 3.9/5


Season 2 Episode List:

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#:Title:Description:Original Airdate:
201Born in the U.S.A.Six months later, Miles has settled in Willoughby; A new group called The Patriots have come to restore order, but Neville suspects that they have other intentions; Charlie hunts Monroe down to assassinate him; A new warrior clan captures Miles and brings him before their leader: Titus. September 25th, 2013
202There Will Be BloodAaron tries to figure out why he is still alive; Neville devises a plan to infiltrate the Patriots; Charlie and Monroe figure out that their kidnappers work for the Patriots. October 2nd, 2013
203Love StoryRachel liberates Miles from Titus and captures Titus' wife; Neville tells Jason of his plans to rise in the ranks of the Patriots and kill them all; Charlie learns that Rachel is considered a terrorist by the Patriots. The Patriots arrive in Willoughby and take over the town. October 9th, 2013
204Patriot GamesRachel is suspicious of the Patriots' intentions in Willoughby; Neville coerces a drug addict officer into giving him a promotion; Aaron experiences weird dreams that manifest themselves in Miles' reality. October 16th, 2013
205One Riot, One RangerThe Texas Rangers arrive in town to investigate the mysterious fire. Miles wants to use them to defeat the Patriots. October 23rd, 2013
206Dead Man WalkingMonroe is captured by the Rangers and will be put to death if he's put on trial. October 30th, 2013
207The Patriot ActMiles and Rachel want to escape the Rangers before they learn the truth about Aaron and his nanotech. November 6th, 2013
208Come Blow Your HornAaron struggles to come to terms with his new powers. Neville makes a play with Commander Roger Allenford.November 13th, 2013
209Everyone Says I Love You.Miles and the gang try to find Aaron and Cynthia before the Patriots do. Aaron is visited by a friend that only he can see. November 20th, 2013
210The Three AmigosJanuary 8, 2014

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  • Jon Favreau directed the 2 hour pilot episode.
  • Canadian actress Andrea Roth originally played Rachel Matheson (Charlie’s mother) in the pilot, but was later replaced by Elizabeth Mitchell.
  • The series has several homages to Stephen King’s ‘The Stand‘. The character Randall Flynn is an homage to Randall Flagg, the villain of King’s novel.
  • The main arc of Season 1 involves the characters going to the “Dark Tower”. The Dark Tower is a series of books written by Stephen King (although unrelated to ‘The Stand”)


Created By: Eric Kripke
Starring: Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Elizabeth Mitchell, Tracy Spiridakos, David Lyons, Zak Orth;
Series Premiere: September 17th, 2012
Series Finale: N/A (ongoing)


“We still don’t know why the power went out, but we’re hopeful that someone will come and light the way.”
Miles Matheson

“Well, unless we can have Aaron charge through the wall Kool-Aid style I’m out of ideas.”

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