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Marvel’s Agent Carter Episode Guide:


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Stan Lee Makes a Cameo Later in the Season

Follow the story of Agent Peggy Carter as she start out as an officer in the Strategic Scientific Reserve (what will become S.H.I.E.L.D). When her friend Howard Stark is framed for treason, Carter fights to clear his name and uncover the truth before her fellow agents put Stark away for good.

Agent Carter Season 1 Episode List:

#:Title: Description:Original Airdate:
101Now is Not the EndA year after the war ends, Peggy Carter finds her working at the SSR (the precursor to SHIELD). With her war efforts unappreciated at the office, Carter is sneaking off at night on missions for Howard Stark. But, when Stark is framed for smuggling weapons, Carter must find out who is setting him up. January 6th, 2015
102Bridge and TunnelCarter rushes to track down the milk truck carrying dangerous explosives before her fellow agents. The SSR investigates the mysterious Roxxon plant explosion. January 6th, 2015
103Time and TideAs Carter gets closer to unraveling who framed Howard Stark, the SSR arrests Jarvis. January 13th, 2015
104The Blitzkrieg ButtonHoward Stark unexpectedly returns for mysterious reasons, which puts the secrecy of Peggy Carter's investigation into jeopardy; Chief Dooley's (Shea Wigham) investigation takes him to Europe.January 27th, 2015
105The Iron CeilingAgent Carter finally gets sent into the field by the SSR. She calls on her old war buddies, the Howling Commandos, for help. While in Russia Carter encounters a program that turns women into warriors. February 3rd, 2015
106A Sin to ErrReturning from her successful mission in Russia, Agent Carter has won the respect of her SSR colleagues. Sousa visits a suspect to confirm his suspicions of Peggy. Carter and Jarvis start searching for Black Widow agents that may have seduced Howard Stark in the past. February 10th, 2015
107SnafuLeviathan makes its move to take out Peggy Carter; The SSR agents close in on Howard Stark, but their chase may prove tragic as they realize that the true enemy is closer than they think.
February 17th, 2015
108ValedictionHoward Stark appears in the SSR's offices willing to help; Leviathan, hearing of Stark's return, changes their plans; February 24th, 2015

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New episodes of Agent Carter will be available on several streaming networks the day after they air on television. You can order one episode at a time, or you can instead purchase a whole season in advance:

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Agent Carter Reviews:

The early reviews for the first episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter have been overwhelmingly positive, with most review sites comparing it favorably to Marvel’s other television series, Agents of Shield.

Critic Review Aggregator site Metacritic has given Marvel’s Agent Carter an overall score of 76.

From IGN (which gave it an 8.0 score out of 10):

With a very appealing leading lady, the highly enjoyable Peggy/Jarvis partnership and a cool period setting, there’s a lot to like about Agent Carter.

And from another review from

That’s because the combination of the British actress and post-World War II setting make the Marvel-branded vehicle, “Agent Carter,” considerable fun, and in some ways more promising than the series it’s replacing, the uneven “Agents of SHIELD.”

The San Francisco Chronicle praises the charismatic lead performance from Hayley Atwell, in addition to the performance of James D’Arcy as Edwin Jarvis. From

Atwell is terrific in the title role, as capable in the efficient, unflappable skin of Peggy as she is when pretending to be a blond American floozy in a gin joint.


Creator: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Creator of the TV Series),
Starring: Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), James D’Arcy (Edwin Jarvis), Chad Michael Murray (Jack Thompson), Shea Whigham (Roger Dooley);
First Aired: Tuesday, January 6th, 2014
Final Airdate: The show is currently still airing.


  • Chris Evans will appear in Agent Carter, but it will only be footage from the first Captain America film.
  • Marvel’s Agent Carter started off as a “Marvel One-Shot”, which are short films added to Bluray discs of Marvel films.
  • Dominic Cooper will reprise his role as Howard Stark
  • The plan right now is for an eight episode miniseries. Of course, if it does well there’s always the chance it become a regular series.


Season 1 Sneak-Peek:

Agent Carter Resources Around the Web:

FOX – The official TV series page for Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC’s website. There you can see lots of extra videos, character introductions and other cool materials. You can watch a couple of recent episodes directly on the ABC website, however you need to verify that you have a cable subscription, as well as be currently inside the United States.

Wikipedia – The show’s Wikipedia page. Lots of cool info, but we like our page better!

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